Jonathan Clerke

Jonathan Clerke B.Sc (Hons), B.Phty – [Member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association]

Jonathan is the owner and Principal Therapist of IceFire Physiotherapy. He has over 24 years experience as a Physiotherapist. Before his Physiotherapy Degree, he studied diseases caused by parasites, microbiology and zoology at the University of Queensland. Thus he brings to his practise a broad base of knowledge in health, research and uncommon disease syndromes.

Whilst completing his Bachelor degree in Physiotherapy from the University of Queensland, he was awarded the Helen Rigby Memorial Prize with one other physiotherapist. Jonathan has had papers published in peer-review international scientific journals:

  • Journal of Hand Therapy 2005 Jan-Mar;18(1):19-29. Clerke AM, Clerke, JP, Adams RD.
  • American Journal of Occupational Therapy 2001 Mar-Apr;55(2):206-11.Clerke A, Clerke 

He has delivered lectures to the School of Physiotherapy and Exercise Science students at Griffith University, and presented at local, national and international conferences such as the International Workplace Health & Safety Forum and 33rd Ergonomics Society of Australia Conference and the Queensland Hand Surgery Society Association annual conference. He has spoken to various professional groups such as the Creche and Kindergarten Association of Queensland.

The topic he is most asked to speak about is presenting back pain and spinal injuries.

Jonathan regularly attends physiotherapy conferences and courses, having attended and/or completed the following courses:

  • Management of Common Upper Limb Problems Conference;
  • Physiotherapy Functional Restoration, convened at the University of Melbourne;
  • Comprehensive Physicians Training Course in the Procedure and Diagnostic Interpretation of the Neuro-Selective Current Perception Threshold Examination;
  • Tendon Injuries of the Lower Limb, presented by a senior lecturer at LaTrobe University;
  • American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME): AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Impairment with Disability Medicine Review Course.
  • Advanced Western Acupuncture and Dry Needling Courses for Physiotherapists

Jonathan combines in-depth knowledge and experience, up-to-date manual therapy ability and experience, with compassion and excellent communication skills, to provide great results for his patients through one-on-one treatment.